Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound staff

Our Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound staff and volunteers are the champions and leaders of the camp experience. Their energy and love for the environment has been woven into every aspect of our camp program. We hope you will join us on this adventure of exploration and learning, and you will find your connection with the outdoors. 


Kyle Empringham  Co-Director, Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound and Public Engagement Specialist, David Suzuki Foundation

Kyle Empringham grew up immersed in camp experience in Ontario, where he learned about nature and the importance of getting outdoors. With the David Suzuki Foundation, he’s tasked with finding creative ways to engage Howe Sound communities in discussions to ensure we can all work together to preserve the region’s natural beauty.


Stephen Foster  Co-Director, Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound and Howe Sound Project Lead, David Suzuki Foundation

Stephen has worked in film and television production, international peace work, facilitation and community engagement. He ran a program in Aceh, Indonesia, with a local non-profit teaching film production and using storytelling as a political tool. Stephen has lived on Bowen Island for 12 years.


Kelly Woods Participant, Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound 2015-16

Kelly Woods (BA, MLIS), is a mother, librarian, educator and art studio owner. She is passionate about green living and nature education, and loves sharing the gift of creativity with others. She currently lives on Gambier Island with her family, and writes about their journey at She is also a past participant of Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound, and counts it among the best experiences of her life


Calder Cheverie -  Summer Camp & Outdoor Schools Manager, Camp Fircom

Now in his thirteenth year as an outdoor educator, camp director and wilderness guide, Calder has a deep passion for connecting youth and young adults with nature. His work has focused on using experiences in the outdoors to help foster self-confidence, build upon fundamental leadership skills and to strengthen a sense of self in relation to our role in our communities.


Jennifer Deol — Program Coordinator, Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound 2017

Jennifer holds a B.Sc. in Biology from UBC and is passionate about nature education and connecting people to place. She works for the David Suzuki Foundation and supports the BC and Western Region in program coordination, including engagement initiatives with Howe Sound communities.


Banner photo credit: Janice Williams.