F.A.Q. children — for the kids

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What is the food like?

The food is the best! Fircom is known for amazing and delicious food. We will give you mostly vegetarian food throughout the week with the option of turkey and chicken too. All meals have healthy options, including a salad bar for every lunch and dinner. Since you’ll be outside a lot, you’ll be given water for each meal as well. All of our snacks are healthy and homemade.

Where do we sleep?

You will stay in a cabin (14 people per cabin, plus two camp counsellors).

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Can I stay with my friend/cousin/brother?

We'll do our best to have you stay with friends and family. Make sure your parent(s) or guardian(s) list the name of the person you want to stay with on your form -- or they can call our office to put in the request. If your friend is several years older or younger than you, you may be in a cabin with kids that aren’t your age. Talk with your parents about how this will feel.

What do we get to do?

You’ll have lots of fun choices including swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking and archery. You may be scheduled to do an activity with your group or choose what activity you participate in.