What happens if my child gets homesick?

It’s normal to miss home on the first night of camp. Our staff are trained to manage homesickness.

We find that kids who talk with their parents while at camp may be immediately comforted but become more homesick within a few hours. If your child must connect with you, their counsellor will call you first to brief you on the situation.

Camp Suzuki homesick

How can I contact my child at camp?

Campers will not have phone or Internet access while at camp. Nor will they be available to take phone calls on the island phone. They'll be having too much fun! You can email or telephone the camp director for emergencies. (Contact information is in the welcome package.)

Camp Suzuki - Contact child

How can you offer both an environmental and traditional summer camp?

Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound takes the typical fun camp experience to the next level. Connecting and teaching children about the wonder of nature is critical to fostering a more respectful relationship with the Earth. We are infusing traditional summer camp benefits with our mission to protect the diversity of nature for future generations.

Camp Suzuki - Homesick